moVirt, OPW and me.

By Sphoorti Joglekar

My journey with moVirt began in the first week of October when I saw oVirt as a mentoring organization on the Gnome OPW page.The moVirt project caught up my interest and I immediately contacted the project mentor Tomas Jelinek asking questions regarding how I should proceed with the application process.A long journey setting the development environment up and creating the first contribution started. Here is how it went

My OPW project:- Enhancements to moVirt.

moVirt is an android application to manage and monitor oVirt’s datacentres.

My first contribution:-

Since my OPW project is making enhancements to moVirt, I needed the development environment up and running and because there was no description how to do it, I decided that documenting the process of setting it up would be a good first contribution.I had Eclipse Kepler with android SDK installed on my machine, so I imported the cloned project in Eclipse.However, things went a little awry with this development environment.The .apk file on the github repository worked fine for me as against the one generated in my eclipse environment. My mentor asked me to compare both the .apk files. On comparison, we found that the Android Annotations framework was missing and I needed to configure it. Even after setting up the framework, the project would always break. After a discussion with the moVirt devels I decided to try using Android Studio and things worked for me. On deeper analysis, I realized that moVirt is a Gradle project and I hadn’t configured the right environment on Eclipse for it to work. Android Studio being gradle based, makes moVirt development easier.
Once I had the entire development setup functional, I made my first contribution.

Tools I learned about:-

  1. APKTool. This tool is used to unpack/pack the apk files.
  2. Android Studio. The development IDE used for moVirt.
  3. oVirt_Live. It is a live image which contains everything you need to start playing around with oVirt.
  4. Git Basics. Helps understanding git better.

Get in Touch

Contribute to moVirt on github
Stay updated with news. Follow @mobileOvirt on Twitter.
Find tjelinek, mbetkak or sphoorti on #ovirt on and have a chat :)

Looking forward for an amazing OPW experience with Tomas and oVirt community.