Android Studio 101.

By Sphoorti Joglekar

A list of shortcuts to get started with Android Studio.

  1. CTRL + Space Bar - Useful for autocompletion.

  2. CTRL + ALT + B - When the cursor is on class or interface, tells who is implementing / inheriting the class / interface.

  3. CTRL + Click - Takes the cursor to the declaration of the thing that is clicked.

  4. CTRL + F12 - Lists the methods defined in the class.

  5. CTRL + N - Opens the class / interface according to the name entered in dialog box. One can write only the subparts of the name in there.

  6. CTRL + SHIFT + N - Opens a resource. The resource could be a .xml file or property file or generated code.

  7. SHIFT + SHIFT - The Search Everywhere option. It literally searches everywhere :D

  8. CTRL + ALT + O - Organize imports. This also removes the imports not used in the class and introduces the ones you need.

  9. Highlight some code block and press CTRL + ALT + L - Reformats the code.

Following are a couple of shortcuts useful while debugging the code.

  1. CTRL + F8 - Introduce a breakpoint.
    The red dot with a down arrow indicates the debugger is connected with the app.

  2. F8 - Evaluate and continue debugging.

  3. ALT + F8 - Evaluate the expression.

  4. F9 - Continue

  5. F7 - Step in

  6. SHIFT + F8 - Step out

Watch out for this space. I shall keep updating this list with shortcuts that will simplify use of Android Studio.