Contribute to Open Source

Created by Sphoorti Joglekar / @SphoortiJ

About Me

Sphoorti Joglekar, OPW intern with oVirt and Open Source enthusiast.

Tools that will help!

  • A github account.
  • Registering on IRC.
  • Mailing-lists
  • A Twitter account.
  • Meetups.

What is common in all open source projects ?

  • You can use them for any purpose.
  • You can change it to fit your needs.
  • You can share it with others.
  • You can share extra changed copies with them.

Who can contribute ?

coders * testers * designers * technical writers * community managers * translaters * artists hardware hackers * scientists * journalists teachers * students * professionals * hobbyists political activists * data scientists * librarians * humanitarian aid workers * sysadmins * kids * health providers * environmentalists * users
and more!

Why you should contribute ?

  • Career
  • Community
  • Education
  • Values

And most importantly to LEARN, SHARE and have FUN.

How to contribute ?

  1. Find a project that interests you.
  2. Join the community.
  3. Pick a task.
  4. Contribute and make a difference.

How to take the first step ?

  • Eagerness to learn.
  • Overcome your inhibitions.
  • Get into the habit of reading documentation.
  • Ask for help but only when you searched exhaustively.

A few social norms

  • Don't expect immediate responses.
  • Be prepared to follow up.
  • No question is a Stupid question.
  • You can offer help too, even if you're new!

Finding a project!

OpenHatch Open Source Comes to Campus
Ada Initiative

Linux foundation's The Eudyptula Challenge

Internship Opportunities

How to Apply ?

  1. Select an organization. RESEARCH!
  2. Select a project idea. Contact the identified mentor.
  3. Spend time in understanding the project.
  4. Start making contributions.
  5. Design a timeline and plans for the project.
  6. Submit an Application.

Travel Grant Opportunities

My Open Source Contribution

I worked on moVirt, an android application to connect and monitor oVirt's datacenttre.

  • moVirt + bVNC.
  • Follow up

    These slides are at : Gnunify-Slides Feel free to ping @SphoortiJ on Twitter or drop a mail to